Creare con le mani e con la fantasia… che gioia

Working with your hands and with your imagination… what a delight

The very first piece of ‘artwork’ that I created, as a little girl, was a turtle, decorated with green and brown glazes.
Among the many school subjects we had at the Tjørnegårdsskolen in Gentofte (Denmark), there were practical subjects, like Music, Domestic Science, Sewing for the girls, Woodwork unfortunately only for the boys (I would have loved it), and the so-called Creative Activities (Formning).
I was given a little ball of soft clay and I had no plan, absolutely no idea about what I would like to do with it. I pressed the clay flat against the table and the clay simply shaped itself into a perfect little turtle. I earned an 11/13 mark in my school-report for it…

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